Nanometrics FAQs

Crisis Support





Q: Why has Brumley South, Inc. now decided to support Nanometrics after 16 years in business?


A: We only support what we can be the best at. We have not been able to secure the highly skilled "experience of knowledge" on Nanometrics technical support until recently.


Q: What is your Support/Repair matrix?


A: We offer fixed flat rates for Basic Upgrades, Repairs, and Exchanges.


Q: Why would the memory board be damaged in the computer?


A: The 20 year old battery leaks acid on the PCB & Bus Slot and destroys them. This makes them not reliable and they need to be scrapped.


Q: Do you use used old parts or pull parts from other tools for repairs?


A: No, We install new cables, batteries, card cage fan, power switch, fuses for repairs and refurbishments. If we install a circuit board it has been remanufactured to OEM specs before installing.


Q: What is the difference in repair compared to refurbishment on the 210 Computer?


A: Basic repair includes:


•           Repairing the problem with up to 1 circuit board repair or replacement.


•           Installing new upgraded Power Supply.


•           48 Hour Test running Nanometrics tool with Standards.


•           6 Month total Warranty - Parts and Labor.


Refurbishment includes:


•           Power Supply Upgrade


•           New Cable set


•           Circuit Board replacement


•           Over Temp Alarm upgrade


•           New high reliability power switch


•           Fuse replacement


•           Case painted.


•           New Power Cable


•           Rubber Feet replacement


•           Card Cage Fan - Essential everything that is worn and tired is replaced with new or remanufactured items


•           12 Month Warranty with Hot Swap for ANY warranty returns.


•           Certificate of compliance data sheet


Q: Do you have Flat rate repairs on the Optical head?


A: Yes, we have established a Repair program to allow the customer to know what the expected price will be. Of course Flat Rate repairs are based on a normal failure mode of the unit.


Q: Why are the Serial Monitors and keyboards so costly?


A: You know we asked our self that one also. They are really nothing special except the monitor has a Nanometrics Eprom programmed to set up the serial communications for the Computer. We offer New and Refurbished Monitors and also Eprom replacement sales that are the absolute lowest in the industry! We do make a profit, we just don't over charge based on your pain!


Q: I hear so much about warranties that mean nothing, what makes Brumley South, Inc. different?


A: Well if you have not ever dealt with a BSI Warranty issue you will like this!


•           Repair Warranty is 6 months from the date of Delivery. ALL Parts & Labor covered with shipping back to you. If you call and request an RMA for a warranty issue, you will speak with a qualified Nanometrics technician to discuss your problem to see if we can resolve it over the telephone quickly. If it is determined you have to return the unit for repair we will send you out a loaner unit if we have one in stock if the repair will take longer than 5 business days to repair.


•           Remanufactured / Exchange Warranty for the 210 computer and Head is even quicker! Call with a warranty issue that can not be resolved by telephone and we will send out another Exchange unit within 1-2 days typically, to do a Hot Swap of your unit. That's it! The one we send to you is yours to keep. The Hot Swap Warranty is for the remainder of the existing warranty.


Q: What makes Brumley South, Inc. #1 in supporting the older Nanometrics units?


A: Brumley South, Inc. was established in 1992 to support Metrology and Robotics customers - we understand the business.


•           We offer the longest warranties


•           We control our own supply of new parts and supply chain


•           We design enhanced upgrades no one else can offer


•           NIST calibration with Certification Certificate


•           Hot Swap and Loaner systems 


•           20 Years experience with Nanometrics tools


Q: What models does BSI support? 



A: We support all models that Nanometrics no longer supports & satisfies the customer base: Nanometrics Models 0180 - 210 - 210XP-3000 series-4000 Series - 8000 Series.