Quick Check non-NIST

Quick Check Calibration Standards are Non-NIST traceable calibration references that can save you lots of money, when you perform your daily checks.


Calibration Standards FAQ


They also come with half, full, double or circle deposition and can be used to calibrate your wafer inspection system on daily basis. They are great for checking size accuracy, orientation problems with the optics and using the clean side of the wafer as a control side.


We use our proprietary Sticky Sphere Technology to guarantee that the PSL's are Non-Clumping and Random in distribution for the Highest Quality Calibration Standards available.


Properly calibrated particle counter and other wafer inspection equipment ensure accurate semiconductor measurements.


We strongly recommend using our standards for quality control, as well as other semiconductor metrology needs.


If you are looking for NIST traceable Latex Sphere Calibration Standards instead, follow this link.

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