AS-200 -Sales- Refurbished-Upgrades-Parts!

Tencor AlphaStep 200 Surface Profiler - Sales-Refurbished and fully functional to OEM Specifications! We have completely gone throughout the tool and replaced items that were going bad or are known to go bad in the future. Our tools go into a class 10 clean room for final testing / calibration and on to final burn in for at least 1 week of extensive testing.


The Alpha Step 200 is used to measure step heights, etch depths, coating thicknesses, micro-roughness and a variety of other high precision surface characteristics. Specifications Typically: Vertical sensitivity: Measures the small steps - 20 to 50Å. Vertical resolution is 15 Å with ± 160 kÅ range, 20 nm with ± 160 nm range. Video Zoom of substrate with magnifications. Dimensions: Width-13 inches, Height-16.8 inches, Depth: 27 inches, Weight-60 lbs.


Have one heading for the trash pile? Call us NOW! We'll buy it!


Is your AlphaStep in need of repair or PM and Calibration? Send it to us for a no cost evaluation and we can tell you the answer to the how much question in a day or two!


  • Excellent condition.
  • New upgraded main power supply module. Brumley South Exclusive Design!
  • New upgraded CCD High Resolution Camera module. Brumley South Exclusive Design!
  • New upgraded Monitor with factory fresh picture tube. Brumley South Exclusive Design!New lamp.
  • Calibrated to VLSI Standards.
  • Built In Printer.
  • Stylus-based surface profiler.
  • Stylus tip is, new 12.5 micron.
  • Comprehensive data analysis software.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Application-specific recipes easily programmed.
  • Zoom optics with magnification.
  • Multi-scan average mode scans.
  • Manual and printer paper.
  • Crating services.
  • System will be refurbished and fully functional to OEM specifications


We have Parts!


PM and Calibrations availble!

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