Wafer Handling Robots - Sales and Refurbishment

Brumley South offers Wafer Handling Robots - Purchase Outright, Refurbishment and Service & HotSwap Exchange.


We Support: Kensington Labs, PRI Automation, Lep (Ludl), MECS, Rorze, IDE, Cybeq, Genmark, Yaskawa, ADE, Novellus, ESI... and other Wafer Handling Systems.


Before starting any work we run each robot system through a battery of tests for in-depth assessment of its current system performance. We thoroughly test the complete operation of the controller and mechanical unit to identify any current or potential problems. Robots then undergo a series of tests designed to pinpoint any excessive play in axes, brake slippage or repeatability issues. Finally, a QA test program, which exercises the robot through its entire range of motion, is run.


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