Particle Deposition Systems


Our Particle Deposition System SST-1200 is the only tool in the semiconductor industry that produces the highest quality NIST Traceable and Non-Traceable Latex Sphere Calibration Standardsup to 300mm at a low cost under 75K!

In the process of production, Polystyrene Latex Spheres (PSL)are deposited on the surface of silicon wafer or other substrates in a highly controlled environment and the end result is the Latex Sphere Calibration Standard that can be used to calibrate any particle counter, including  ADE, KLA Tencor Surfscan or other patterned, or unpatterned wafer inspection equipment.

UPDATE: This system can also be used to produce Silica Contamination Wafer Standards - SiO2 Standards.

Sio2 Calibration Standards are used to calibrate the size accuracy response of scanning surface inspection systems (SSIS), tools using high powered lasers, such as KLA-Tencor SP2, SP3, SP5, SPx, SEM tools, and TEM. Using normal PSL (Polystyrene Latex Sphere) will melt on these tools


  Sphere Size Range:PSL Sphere diameters of 20nm to 4.0 um

Substrate Sizes:100, 125, 150, 200 and 300mm wafers, PhotoMask, LCD panels.

Deposition Time: Variable, user selectable.

Wafer to Wafer Repeatability: < 7 % after setup.

Clean/Purge Time:Average time 30 seconds into HEPA exhaust filter.

Warranty:1 year parts and labor.

Average cost to produce Standard in house is under $500 !