Tencor P-12 Refurbished

The P-Series Long Scan Profilers are computerized, highly sensitive Surface Profilers that measure roughness, waviness, step height, and other surface characteristics in a variety of applications.

They feature the ability to measure micro-roughness over short distances as well as waviness over a full, 205-mm (8.1-in.) scan.

The built-in PC computing power offers precise, automatic measurement capability with the convenience and ease of use with Microsoft Windows based software control and data.

At Brumley South, Inc. we offer refurbished KLA Tencor P-Series Long Scan Profilers for sale or our certified technicians can refurbish your KLA-Tencor P-Series back to factory specifications.

During our refurbishing process we will complete an inspection of the tool and replace any items that are going bad or are known to go bad in the future.  Our tools go into a class 10 clean room for final testing & calibration and on to final burn in for at least 1 week of extensive testing.  When you purchase a systems from BSI, Inc. you can be sure it has had the highest quality of testing and calibration available. 


In order to keep your KLA-Tencor P-Series running at its highest performance level make sure to have your tool serviced annually.  Our technicians will go through your equipment and check belts, calibration, and performance to ensure your P-Series is in top quality working condition to prevent unnecessary downtime.