Applications Level 1 Training:

State why you need to measure film thickness

Determine what is important in the measurement result

Describe the principles of optical metrology

Describe which technologies are available to measure film thickness

Describe the concept of Stage Recipe, Film Strategy, Wafer Recipe, and Cassette Recipe

Demonstrate use of the main screens and functions of N2000 software: Log in, Setup, Recipes, Processing, Database, etc.

Demonstrate loading a wafer, running a measurement in Manual Mode using an existing Film Strategy, and checking the results

Demonstrate creation of all the Stage Recipe types available for blanket wafers

Demonstrate creation of a Wafer Recipe that uses a radial Stage Recipe and an existing Film Strategy, and display the results and the wafer map

Demonstrate creation of a Cassette Recipe and run Cassette measurements

State the principles of Pattern Recognition: Die, Deskew, Die Map, Die Group (of sites), Site PR, Teach Score, Search Score

Demonstrate use of the N2000 pattern recognition functions

Demonstrate creation of a complete Stage Recipe for a patterned wafer

Describe the tips for selecting good pattern recognition images

Demonstrate ability to export measurement data and import recipes

Demonstrate the ability to export database and error logs

Demonstrate the ablity to Reference the tool using the Reference Chip

Describe why you need to measure critical dimension measurement

Describe the basic OCD measurement principles

Demonstrate measuring CD pads using an existing CD Film Strategy

Describe the basic theory of film parameters, dispersion models

Demonstrate use of ADAP (advanced data analysis package) main functions

Demonstrate creation of a few simple Film Strategies

Describe the concepts: accuracy, repeatability, parameter correlation

Demonstrate basic Film Strategy optimization

Demonstrate static repeatability measurements

Demonstrate archiving spectra and open the files off-line

Describe & demonstrate pattern recognition troubleshooting

Demonstrate accessing image libraries and fix a PR failure

Describe the basic theory of critical dimension measurement

Demonstrate how to do parameter Recalibration for tool-to-tool matching



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