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KLA CANDELA CS2           
Surface Defect Inspection Systems


Tencor Candela 2 is an optical metrology system manufactured by KLA Corporation. It is primarily used in the semiconductor industry for process control and inspection during the manufacturing of integrated circuits (ICs) and other electronic devices. The Candela 2 system employs optical techniques to measure various parameters of the semiconductor wafers, such as thickness, topography, and film properties. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze the collected data and provide insights into the quality and uniformity of the wafer fabrication process. The system consists of multiple components, including a light source, optics, sensors, and a computer-based control and analysis software. The light source emits a specific wavelength of light towards the wafer surface, and the reflected or scattered light is collected by the sensors. The collected data is then processed and analyzed using the software, which generates detailed reports and visual representations of the measured parameters.

The Candela 2 system is known for its high accuracy, speed, and versatility in measuring various types of films and structures on semiconductor wafers. It helps manufacturers maintain tight process control, identify deviations or defects in the fabrication process, and optimize yield and quality.


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KLA TENCOR Surfscan Single Board Computer SBC Part # 389943, 92-005422-0x


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