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NIST Traceable Polystyrene Spheres   
Calibration Standards


Wafer Inspection Systems, referred to as Scanning Surface Inspection Systems, SSIS, most notably from KLA-Tencor and Hitachi, are calibrated using PSL Wafer Standards, which are Prime Silicon wafers deposited with PSL spheres.

The SSIS is used to inspect the cleanliness of 300mm, 200mm, 150mm wafer surface; either bare silicon or a film deposited, wafer surface.

The SSIS can identify the X/Y location of the PSL spheres and particles and describe the size of each defect as well as the overall count on the wafer surface. KLA-Tencor wafer inspection systems, such as Tencor 6100,  6200, 6220, 6400,  6420 and the KLA-Tencor SP1, KLA-Tencor SP2 and KLA-Tencor SP3, KLA-Tencor SP5.

Topcon has the 3000, 5000 and 7000 series Wafer Inspection Systems. Estek, ADE, and Hitachi also provide a variety of wafer inspection systems.

PSL Calibration Backside and Edge Standards available.

We also Deposit PSL onto Custom Films and Substrates Standards.

Pellicle and Reticle Custom Standards produced in house!

There are 4 Deposition Choices

Full Deposition Calibration Standards

 have Polystyrene Latex Spheres deposited across the entire surface of the wafer. Brumley South, Inc. guarantees that the PSL's are non-Clumping and random in distribution for the highest Quality Standards available. Calibration Standards for unpatterned inspection tools typically have 6,000 to 12,000 PSL's deposited and for patterned tools between 20,000 to 30,000 PSL's deposited. Customer can request sphere density.

Half Deposition Calibration Standards

 have Polystyrene Latex Spheres deposited across the half surface of the wafer. They are great for checking size accuracy, orientation problems with the optics and using the clean side of the wafer as a control side.


Circle Deposition

 a silicon wafer has six spot depositions of the same PSL size. Brumley South can provide up to six different sizes, with our custom deposition service, if you need it!

Double Deposition Calibration Standards

 have Polystyrene Latex Sphere deposited across the 3/4 surface of the wafer.

Properly calibrated particle counter and other wafer inspection equipment ensure accurate semiconductor measurements.

Our Standards come with Certificate of Traceability to NIST