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Tencor Candela CS20



  • Spectroscopic ellipsometry: Measures the change in polarization state of light reflected from a sample to determine various parameters.
  • Reflectometry: Measures the intensity of light reflected from a sample at different wavelengths to extract information about the sample's properties.
  • Multiple angle of incidence (AOI): Allows measurements at different angles to capture information about the sample's sidewall angles and other geometric features.
  • High accuracy and precision: Provides precise measurements of critical dimensions and other parameters required for semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Automated data analysis: Capable of analyzing the collected measurement data and providing statistical insights.


Have you heard about the amazing KLA Tencor Candela CS-20?

It's seriously impressive! This metrology system is like a superhero for the semiconductor industry, making sure everything is top-notch.

The Candela CS-20 comes packed with a high-resolution optical microscope that can analyze and inspect all kinds of semiconductor materials and structures. It's like having a superpower to detect any defects or inconsistencies that could affect the performance and reliability of your products. But wait, there's more! This gem is lightning-fast, gathering data and analyzing it in a flash. Plus, it's got some nifty automated features that make it super easy to use and reduce any chances of human error. It's like having a helpful sidekick that boosts productivity.


The best part? The Candela CS-20 is super versatile. You can customize it to fit your specific measurement needs, whether it's characterizing silicon wafers, inspecting patterned structures, or analyzing thin films. It's a metrology system that can do it all!         


Oh, and get this: it's also scalable. As technology keeps advancing and your requirements change, you can upgrade the Candela CS-20 with additional modules and functionalities. It's like having a metrology system that grows with you!


So, if you're in the semiconductor industry and you want precise measurements, automation, versatility, and scalability, the KLA Tencor Candela CS-20 is your new best friend. Trust me, it's a game-changer that will make your work a breeze!