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Argon Ion Lasers Repair and Refurbishment

For the past 30 years, Brumley South has been providing support to the semiconductor industry and now we are in a position to offer Replacement Air-Cooled Argon Lasers, used in wafer inspection tools such as the Surfscan 6200, 6220, 6400, 6420 and 7600, 7700.

We have the SAME OEM Version lasers and another Second Source Laser to best fit your Budget!

ALL Lasers are QA tested for proper power, SPOT Size and alignment at Brumley South BEFORE it Ships!

We burn in Our Lasers for 24 hours to Make Sure you get the Best Laser that works correctly the first time when installed.

The replacement lasers have been remanufactured in a laboratory to extremely high standards, using new plasma tubes, rather than less reliable refurbished/re-gassed ones. They are aligned using a state of the art alignment rig, and then tested to ensure that they meet the original manufacturer's specifications, both in power, and in beam characteristics.

We also have new HENE lasers for: Tencor Surfscan, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6100.

Don't Forget the PSL Calibration Standards to finish the QA!

WE have Lasers for Purchase Outright for a Spare.

We have Lasers for Exchange. We send you the Good one, You send us your bad one for Rebuild.

In Stock? YES.....CALL US!

Need Laser Alignment TARGETS, SHIMS, Apps Note? We have these at NO EXTRA COST if you need them to install your lasers. Just ASK!