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KLA-Tencor Surfscan 6420            
Unpatterned Surface Inspection System



  • Capable of 2" - 8" wafers
  • Low angle optics
  • Non-Patterned surface Inspection System
  • 0.10 micron Defect Sensitivity @ 95% capture
  • 0.02 ppm Haze Sensitivity
  • Accuracy within 1%
Refurbishment process as follows:
  • Install New Laser
  • Clean or Replace Optics and Mirrors
  • Refurbish Load Arm and Lead Screw
  • Refurbish Cassette Elevators and Re-Anodize Plates
  • Refurbish All Wiring or Replace
  • Refurbish All Switches or Replace
  • Refurbish Monitor or Replace
  • System refurbished to meet OEM Specification
  • System is completely refurbished

The KLA Tencor Surfscan 6420 is a cutting-edge semiconductor wafer inspection system that plays a pivotal role in upholding the quality and reliability of integrated circuits used in electronic devices.

The Surfscan 6420, developed by KLA Tencor, is specifically designed to detect and categorize defects on semiconductor wafers, enabling manufacturers to identify and rectify potential issues early in the production process.

Key Features of the Surfscan 6420
  • High-Resolution Imaging: The system captures high-resolution images of the wafer surface to detect even the tiniest defects.
  • Multi-Angle Darkfield Inspection: It performs multi-angle darkfield inspection to enhance defect detection sensitivity.
  • Automated Defect Classification: Advanced machine learning algorithms automatically classify defects based on their size, shape, and location.
Benefits of the Surfscan 6420
  • Improved Yield and Quality Control: Early defect detection leads to higher yield rates and improved overall quality control.
  • Enhanced Process Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of wafer quality minimizes the risk of yield losses caused by process deviations.
  • Cost Savings: Catching defects early reduces production costs and improves profitability.
Applications of the Surfscan 6420

The system is widely used in memory device manufacturing, logic device manufacturing, and advanced packaging within the semiconductor industry.

Industry Impact and Future Prospects

The Surfscan 6420 has significantly improved yield rates, product quality, and manufacturing costs in the semiconductor industry. Future iterations are expected to offer even more advanced features to meet evolving industry needs.