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wafer testing and metrology system



ADE KLA 9700 UltraGage is an industry-leading wafer testing and metrology equipment from ADE, KLA, and TENCOR. Developed to meet the most stringent requirements for accuracy and precision, ADE 9700 UltraGage is capable of capturing nanometer-level measurements with unprecedented speed, repeatability, and accuracy. Its innovative sensors utilize precision optical systems to capture nanometer-level measurements of surface machining processes such as dimensional and shape measurements.


The system features a high-resolution, double-sided non-contact measurement array with a sophisticated silicone sensor that is capable of measuring a wide range of features, such as topography, sidewall angles, and non-contact vias.

Dual color LED beam paths allow for simultaneous light source measurements, which provides an even more detailed result.

KLA 9700 UltraGage also features a software suite that collects, stores, and visualizes data in real time. It allows for the analysis of all relevant data in both graph and text forms. This feature can help users identify current process issues, confirm process repeatability, and automate data collection for traceability.

Configurable, advanced metrology algorithms enable rapid 3D topography measurements, cutting application time by up to 85%. Its AutoLayerCount allows users to adjust point density in order to save valuable operator time, while its AutoTilt automatically adjusts the vertical position to compensate for wafer tilt during scanning.

9700 UltraGage is designed to be resilient and reliable in challenging conditions, with a rugged and heavy-duty frame that is resistant to vibration and shock.


  • Irvine AutoLoader II
  • Board in the Loader: Irvine Optical UGLDR, Revision: E
  • ADE Microstep PN: 033024-91, Revision: C
  • ADE High Speed MCU, Part Number: 024251-01, Revision: L
  • ADE Interface Board, Part Number: 024342-02, Revision: A
  • ADE Gage 4 Board, Part Number: 024339-01, Revision: H
  • ADE Universal Power Interconnect Board, Part Number: (Unreadable, screw in the middle of it), Revision: C
  • ADE Part Number: 025964-01, Revision: 01
  • 120 V, 15 A, 50-60 Hz.


The unit is also compatible with both single pop and multiple pop GDSII stages for faster, more accurate, and repeatable measurements. In addition, this wafer metrology machine ensures future compatibility by incorporating compatibility with a wide range of GDS, RET, and specification-based software. It is also capable of measuring complex metrology hits, such as joint-type joints, and wide range of line-widths and spaces. All of these features make TENCOR 9700 UltraGage a highly versatile and powerful wafer testing and metrology tool.