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Discover precision and efficiency with our Wafer Inspection Systems        
Backed by our expert team of engineers, we provide cutting-edge technology, Calibration Standards, and efficient Spare Parts to streamline your production process.



Unparalleled Support for KLA Tencor Surfscan, Candela, ADE Tools, Nanometrics...


PSL Calibration Standards, traceable to NIST, it come in Full, Half and Circle Deposition Choices...



Tencor Surfscan PCB Repair 6100, 6200, 6220, 6400, 6420 - Circuit Boards and Assemblies

Tencor 6200

Spare Parts


The only company in the World that has New Redesigned Parts, Circuit Boards, and Semiconductor Spare Parts Inventory.

"Still the only company in the World that has New Redesigned Parts and Circuit Boards...." Tom Norment, CEO

Unleashing Precision and Efficiency:

Explore KLA Tencor Surfscan, ADE, and Nanometrics for Engineers and Purchasers

This cutting-edge equipment is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements for various applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, wafer inspection, and flat panel display production.

With its advanced imaging capabilities and high-speed scanning, the Surfscan system ensures superior defect detection and classification, helping our customers optimize their manufacturing processes and improve product quality.

Have you ever heard of the
Part Exchange Program?

Nanometrics Service

3000 We design enhanced upgrades no one else can offer. Hot Swap, Rentals and Loaner systems.

Argon-Ion Laser Repair

Laser Repair

ALL Lasers are QA tested for proper power, SPOT Size and alignment. We burn in Our Lasers for 24 hours!

Tencor Surfscan Parts List

Tencor Surfscan Parts List We offer Parts-Spares, Exchanges, Purchase, Repair: KLA-Tencor/ADE and More.